Why are new things so scary?


Here we are on the precipice of something really scary and new and exciting. I'm not really sure how any of this will go, but I'm pretty interested in finding out just how much work I have ahead of me. 

First, a story:

My name is Jay and this is my Think Tank. 

When I was in the fourth grade my teacher told me I was going to be the President of the United States. When I was in the fourth grade I told my teacher I wanted to work at a think tank, instead. 

Even recently, I've dreamed of hanging out a shingle from a small office, with a desk and a comfortable chair inside and just having people bring me their problems and questions and musings and then I would help them work through towards a solution, or an answer, or maybe just more & deeper musings. (I do understand that's not how think tanks actually work, but my mental picture is, not surprisingly, more attractive to me than the reality.)

So, that's not a thing that can happen really, huh?

But then I thought …